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What do dues get you?

If you're an ASU student:

  1. Admission into our lessons
  2. Free or reduced admission into local social dancs
  3. The ability to travel with us to dance events and competitions across the country

Beginner Lessons

New to swing dancing? We'll teach you from the ground up!

What we expect you to know

Absolutely nothing!

Come in with no dance experience and no partner and we'll teach you everything you need to know to get dancing!

What you can expect to learn

How to swing dance!

Right from day one, we'll teach you the basic steps, moves, and patterns. Our goal is to get you out on the floor dancing as soon as possible!

Intermediate Lessons

Already know how to dance? We'll help you improve!

What we expect you to know

The basics.

You've probably been dancing for 1-2 semesters, and while you might not have mastered it yet, you should feel at least functional, if not comfortable, with the things you learned in the beginner lessons.

What you can expect to learn

More moves!

In these lessons, you'll work on improving the things you already learned, adding new moves and variations, and starting to look more closely at the fundamentals of leading and following.

Advanced Lessons

Been dancing for a while? We can help take you to the next level!

What we expect you to know

More than just the basics.

You've probably been dancing for at least a year or two by now. You're likely feeling comfortable and confident with your basics, and you have an expanding move repertoire. The fundamentals of leading and following are things you should have started to think about by now.

What you can expect to learn

The nitty-gritty.

Here, we'll get your dancing where you want it to be. Expect to start thinking more about your dancing, your connection, and your partner. You'll drill your fundamentals some more, and learn some more stylings, and you'll be a better dancer by the end of it.

Special Topic Lessons

Interested in more than just normal Lindy Hop? Check out what else we offer!


Want to throw people in the air (safely)? Want to be thrown in the air (safely)? Get really excited when you see people getting thrown in the air (safely)? Check out our aerials lessons and learn to do all this…safely!

Like swing dancing, but looking for something a little more high-energy and fast-paced? Learn this great alternative swing dance with some of the best Collegiate Shag dancers in Phoenix!

Want something fast-paced, but don't want to have to jump or move so much? Learn this subtler swing dance with some of the best Balboa dancers in Phoenix!

Competition & Performance

Ready to start competing or choreographing? Learn from some great competitors and dancers how to make yourself stand out and shine on the competition or stage floor!

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