Practice Makes Perfect

A free swing music playlist, perfect for practicing, listening, or whatever you want!


Video Playlists

Catch up on what you missed, or review what you already worked on! Check out our lesson recap videos!

Need some inspiration? Looking for some cool new moves or stylings? Take a look at this collection of competition and performance videos!

Useful Links

Not always our links, but these are external sites that can provide some information or insight!

This is a classic swing line dance that you'll see at most social dances. Here are some instructional videos to help yourself learn it!

A website full of great articles and tutorial videos by pro Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer Bobby White. Lots of great information on dance history and etiquette!

Want to know more about upcoming swing events around the world? This website is a calendar of a ton of events!

A great set of dance resources from some of the organizers of Denver's swing dance scene, Kenny Nelson, Jessica Nelson, and Reese Dewey!

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